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Skytek Update Report: Typhoon Chanthu

Super Typhoon Chanthu

Location: West Pacific
Impact:  Property, marine and offshore energy exposure
Issued by Skytek: at 12:00 GMT on Sep 11th, 2021


Two weather systems are currently active in the western Pacific. Typhoons Conson and Chanthu.

Conson slammed the eastern Philippines on Monday with 75 MPH winds causing power outages across several provinces and is forecast to bring floods at landfall in Vietnam on Saturday, Sep 11th.

Packing winds of 165 MPH since Sep 8th, Chanthu will sweep across Taiwan while forecasting a Category 4 typhoon with sustained winds of 140 MPH at landfall on Sunday, Sep 12th, around 12 UTC. The typhoon’s trajectory over Taiwan from South to North, and Category 2 Typhoon near Taipei, could increase the storm’s potential damage with the extreme winds, torrential rains, and storm surge flooding.

Issued by Skytek: at 12:00 GMT on Sep 11th, 2021

Issued by Skytek: at 12:00 GMT on Sep 8th, 2021

Figure 2 – Skytek’s REACT view of the active weather systems in the western Pacific on Sep 11th, 2021
Figure 1 - Skytek's REACT displays aggregated exposure in the cone of Super-Typhoon Chanthu, Sep 8th, 2021

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