Spacecraft Assembly, Integration & Testing

Skytek is at the cutting edge of ensuring successful spacecraft launches with its next-generation assembly, integration and testing (AIT) software.

Skytek AIT

Combining Industry 4.0 and EGS-CC space standard

  • ESA funded initiative to bring industry standards and processes to spacecraft AIT
  • Skytek AIT system uses ‘Industry 4.0’ OTX (Open Test Sequence eXchange) standard (ISO 13209) as used by BMW/Audi
  • System connects to hardware test equipment for telemetry / telecommanding using space standards (EGS-CC / EGSE) for TM/TC
  • Access via mobile devices to procedures and related data/CAD models.
  • Benefits: Ideal for clean rooms, removing paper in operations, quality assurance and efficiency

Key Features:

  • Single platform-IPV-AIT can be used as a standalone system for AIT procedure execution, signature and reporting
  • Streamlining of the testing and reporting process
  • Provides a common standard AIT service for test procedures execution and logging/results archive
  • Authoring system is web based providing a simple means of AIT procedure creation and central storage
  • Full version control, single point for secure distribution and management
  • Accessible from a range of devices from workstations to mobile devices