Skytek Receives Prestigious ADS Step R&D Award

Skytek, a renowned innovator in technology solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent achievement as the recipient of the highly esteemed ADS Step R&D Award supported by the UK Space Agency. This prestigious recognition acknowledges Skytek’s ground breaking advancements in Augmented Reality (AR) technology specifically tailored for the Spacecraft Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT) sector.

Skytek awarded ESA ARTES contract for Maritime Awareness Services

Skytek has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) within the ARTES 4.0 Strategic Programme Line – Space Systems For Safety And Security (4S), for the development of Geospatial Information Networking Techniques for Maritime Awareness Services.

Skytek Takes Off with Artemis

Skytek has been awarded a significant contract from the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop flight support software for the new Gateway space station, an essential element of their ambition to bring a European to the Moon by 2030. Located Nearly 400 000 km from Earth, it is planned that the Lunar Gateway will be operational towards the end of 2024.

Skytek to deliver software for Gateway

Skytek is set to develop systems to support operations on a planned lunar space station that will enable regular trips to the Moon, as well as expeditions further into deep space.

The company will deliver software to help crews complete activities – such as science experiments and maintenance tasks – on board the lunar Gateway, after securing a contract with ESA.

Skytek launches ‘Satellite Club’

Skytek Property Solution

NASA award-winning software company Skytek today launched their new Satellite Club, created to make imagery from satellites more accessible for the insurance industry. The Club gives members access to information derived in real time from satellite images using   Skytek’s proprietary technology, augmented with expert analysis, as well as reports and advice on cost-effective tasking and procurement of satellite data. 

Italian Navy successfully test the Skytek led consortium virtual command and control system

Italian aircraft carrier Cavour Carrier

Skytek leads a high-profile European consortium that includes the Italian infectious diseases authority- Spallanzani, the Italian Navy and Rome’s largest hospital group Gemelli. In Ireland, the HSE and the Irish Centre for Emergency Management will assist with designing and testing the system.
The consortium has developed a leading-edge platform comprising a virtual command and control centre, which will streamline and support effective emergency response. The REACT-2 software solutions support the electronic capturing of case report forms for new Covid-19 cases, contact tracing information, analytics and decision support, and the provision of command and control features.

Skytek joins Northern Ireland Space Leadership Council

Skytek Northern Ireland

Skytek’s Rita Malosti has been invited to join the newly formed Northern Ireland Space Leadership Council (NISLC).The purpose of the Council will be to provide leadership to the space sector in Northern Ireland and work towards securing long term sustainable growth for the sector. This grouping will help to highlight the growing space sector in the region both nationally and internationally.

Skytek awarded contract with the European Space Agency

Skytek Space Technology

Skytek has been awarded a further contract for the evolution and maintenance of ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre (EVDC). EVDC is a central repository for archiving and exchange of correlative data for validation of atmospheric composition products from satellite platforms.