About Skytek

Skytek is an award-winning software company specialising in creating innovative solutions for a range of complex and demanding industries.

Our Story

We are the pioneers in merging space technology and (re)insurance to revolutionise the industry.

Our cutting-edge solutions harness real-time satellite data and advanced data analytics to provide a comprehensive view of risks across all lines of business, including property, cyber, marine, and beyond.

Stay ahead of the competition with accurate risk aggregation monitoring, proactive underwriting support, and efficient claims handling.

Our company has unparalleled expertise in the Space environment, working in close cooperation with the European Space Agency, EUMETSAT and NASA. It has also developed intelligent software solutions for other industries, including, Aerospace, Defence and Security.

Embrace the future of (re)insurance with Skytek and elevate your business to new heights. 

Core Capabilities

We design and develop innovative and specialist software for a range of demanding industries, from spaceflight to insurance.

Software Design

Mobile App Development

Data Analytics

Artifical Intelligence

Machine Learning

Our Leadership Team

Dr Sarah Bourke

Dr Bourke was recognised by the EU as one of Europe’s leading innovators when she was awarded the EU Prize for Women Innovators in 2016. During this process, she was recognised for her leadership and commercial success in pioneering groundbreaking space technology.

On a day-to-day basis, Sarah works with leading research organisations like the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA and growing the Skytek brand.

Sarah is a Trinity College Dublin PhD graduate and worked at leading universities and governmental agencies before co-founding Skytek Limited.

Dr Sarah Bourke
Chief Executive and co-founder
Paul Kiernan. CTO of Skytek

As CTO, Paul oversees the architectural design and management of a high calibre technical team. Paul is a universally recognised authority within the space domain and is a regular speaker at Space and Security International conferences. Paul has a First Class B.Sc Hons. (Computer Science), awarded by University College Dublin.

NASA has duly acknowledged Paul’s expertise and commitment to excellence. In 2014, Paul was presented with an International Space Station (ISS) award for his outstanding technical leadership and innovation on the IPV system. Also, he received a Recognition of Excellence Award at the ISS conference in Munich, Sept 2015.

Paul Kiernan
Chief Technical Officer and co-founder

EU & NASA Innovation Award Winners

Skytek’s dynamic team have awards from the EU and NASA for outstanding innovation and technical development

Sarah Bourke Award
EU Award for Sarah Bourke

Our Partners