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Skytek Update Report: Severe Weather Advisory, Typhoon “Maysak”

Severe Weather Advisory, Typhoon “Maysak”

“Maysak” is the first Category 3 typhoon predicted to make landfall in the Korean peninsula after the 1959 Category 3 Typhoon “Sarah”, and its predicted track will have major Korean shipyards in Busan, Ulsan, on alert. Their location, on the typhoon’s dangerous right-hand side, makes the possibility of storm surge a real threat.

Skytek is in a position to provide pre and post satellite imagery analyses on major shipyards, including Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan; STX Group, Jinhae; Samsung Heavy Industries, Goeoje.

Skytek captures 12,958 marine assets in the current “Maysak” cone of uncertainty with 40% of them blue-water cargo carriers. 

In addition, fixed offshore assets like drilling rigs and wind farms are also exposed. React modelling system tracks 12 drilling platforms in the currently affected area in addition to 122 windfarms.

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  • Update 1– Issued by Skytek 12:00 GMT on 01/09/2020
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