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Marine EO – 2

Skytek Awarded Phase 2 of the H020 Marine-EO Sat surveillance Security Project

A two-day project evaluation meeting was held in Madrid in October, which was steered by the H2020 Marine-EO Project Coordinator, NCSR “Demokritos”, and the Lead Procurer DGPM. All members of the Marine-EO buyers group, as well as the other consortium members and an external panel of European experts voted on which organisations were to continue to phase 2 based on both their phase 1 deliverables and phase 2 proposals.

Skytek are pleased to announce that following the evaluation meeting that Skytek with our consortium partners, GMV (Spain) and Hidromod (Portugal) were selected to proceed to phase 2.

The Marine-EO system goal is to firstly assess the innovative capabilities that EO can provide for coastal & maritime surveillance in combination with additional data sources and secondly to provide beyond the state-of-the-art EO-based information layers to enhance the current performance of maritime and coastal surveillance.

The focus within phase 2 is to fully develop the proposed Satsurveillance system, integrate with EO data sources and have an operational system ready for roll out and usage during the final project phase.

Phase 2 of the H2020 Marine-EO Satsurveillance Security Project
Phase 2 of the H2020 Marine-EO Satsurveillance Security Project

The Satsurveillance service will provide two feature services focusing on:

  • Unusual/Irregular activity monitoring around a Critical Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Change Detection


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