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Complex, sophisticated and hazardous environments and systems require regular compliance checks and necessarily have complex interactions. Our paperless systems guarantee accuracy and care in the activities that matter.


Mobile Procedure Viewer

Skytek is developing the second generation of mobiPV project with the European Space Agency (ESA). The MobiPV project brings IPV to a smartphone to allow greater mobility and flexibility for the astronauts.
Extra features, such as two-way video communication and real-time collaboration, are also available.

mobiPV technology offers wireless operation, voice navigation and real-time video streaming of crew work activities and procedures. The system is aimed at optimising crew efficiency onboard the ISS.

For information see: NASA

Watch Astronaut Alexander Gerst Installing a life-support system with the aid of Skytek mobiPV.

ESA Voice-Guided Procedural Execution


ESA Voice Guided Procedural Execution

Humans and machines will need to work together to handle unexpected, complex and potentially hazardous situations without help from Earth on future missions into deep space. CRUISE is a technology/crew operations demonstration experiment for a voice-guided procedure execution system.

The CRUISE project demonstrated voice-guided teamwork between crew and computer. This project aimed to improve astronaut efficiency on long missions when movement is limited.

For more information see: NASA


IPV: Tailoring Procedures & Tasks

IPV is being used intensively on a day-to-day basis to provide advanced crew support.

This project sought to streamline astronauts workflow to ensure that only steps required to perform an activity are provided. XTP allows ground support to quickly and easily tailor a task to optimise efficient astronaut task execution.

IPV: Tailoring Procedures and Tasks


ESA Portal Collaborative Working Environment

Skytek built a collaborative working environment (CWE) for ESTECs Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). This facility supports the design and development of large complex ESA hardware systems by providing a facility where scientists and engineers can share trouble short and information on system design.

Skytek’s Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) is a web portal designed to provide the CDF with the latest collaborative and communication software and infrastructure to support exchanging information between personnel at the CDF and remote users.

For more information, see ESA.