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Skytek’s years of experience supporting the insurance industry have helped us develop innovative technologies for precision underwriting and risk analysis and avoidance.
Forest Fire Management


Management of Forest Fires

In recent years, the frequency of wildfires has increased significantly due to many factors, including the effects of climate change, urbanisation, poor landscape management, and destructive acts. These so-called “mega-fires” are particularly dangerous and difficult to control with the current technologies and systems to firefighters and emergency agencies.

The AF3 project sought to improve the efficiency of operations by developing innovative technologies in early detection and monitoring, advanced aerial firefighting, and major emergency co-ordination.

For more information, see: AF3 Project

A range of AF3 project Webinars and presentations are on AF3 project Youtube channel: AF3 


Federated Security Shield for Maritime Security

International co-operation is essential to manage maritime waters effectively. Numerous agencies are involved, including coastguards, customs, maritime police, border police immigration office, fishery inspectorate etc. The main goal of FedSS was to provide an IT infrastructure to support the sharing of sensitive information on a secure need-to-share basis.

For more information, see:  ITEA-3

Space Weather Event


Data Analytics of Space Weather Events

The FOREST system was developed to support the study of the effects of the Sun on our Solar System. The project aimed at addressing some of the issues and limitations of current systems by enhancing the integration, searching and visualisation from different instruments on a single spacecraft and the more complex task of using multi-spacecraft observations.


ESA Portal Collaborative Working Environment

Skytek built a collaborative working environment (CWE) for ESTECs Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). This facility supports the design and development of large complex ESA hardware systems by providing a facility where scientists and engineers can share trouble short and information on system design.

Skytek’s Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) is a web portal designed to provide the CDF with the latest collaborative and communication software and infrastructure. This supports the exchange of information between personnel both at the CDF and remote users.

For more information, see: ESA.